Welcome to Elev8 Earth!

We are a wellness company offering yoga classes, herbalism workshops, and organic plant based products to create a space where humans can connect to themselves, community, and Mother Earth.

Explore our upcoming workshops and the apothecary with a variety of organic herbs, crafted mullein blends, and organic flower cones.

Whether you're in our rhythmic yoga offerings, lighting incense, caring for houseplants, indulging in our organic herb blends, or simply breathing in life's essence, each ritual is an act of self-love and harmony with the Earth. Elev8 Earth strives to rekindle this profound interconnectedness.

We'd love to guide you in creating your self-care and plant ritual journey.

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Our Mission

To elevate Mama Gaia by making positive human connections, while educating and normalizing plant use as self care.

Wholesale & Event Opportunities

We love connecting with humans! 
If you are interested in:

  • Offering our products in a retail shop and would like a wholesale catalog or 
  • Hosting our pop up shop at an event

Please send us a request using the link below.

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